Falling Water

Falling Water in Pennsylvania is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s great work in the most beautiful setting, trees and water. The view from inside the home was just as gorgeous as looking at the home from below.

A few years after visiting Falling Water, I was lucky enough to tour his home and workshop in Chicago, IL. There was a piano sticking out of the wall over a staircase! Crazy! But, my favorite room was the playroom for the children on the top floor because of Wright’s use of space and storage. Very clever and efficient. The entire center of the room was open to play and move around while the perimeter held the toys inside the benches. I also loved the use of light. Windows were low above the benches to create small spaces the children could play and feel comfortable, while simultaneously providing all the necessary daylight to see until dark.

Prints available at: DebraRubyPhotography.com

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