2 Critical Tips for Taking Pictures in Low Light

Happy Halloween! If you’re out trick-or-treating with your family and friends tonight, you may want to remember a few tips to taking the best pictures in low light. Here are a few:

Flash? or No Flash?

  • Yes! Use the flash if your subject is just a few feet away from you/the camera.
  • No! Do Not use the flash when the scene or subject is further away such as, across the street or you want to capture the decorations that have lights. The flash won’t do anything except light what’s directly in front of you and you will lose the effect of the lights you want to capture.
  • See the difference between the images of the zombie. On the left is the flash. This works for your child in their costume. The one on the right shows how menacing the zombie can be in its natural light without a flash.

Halloween 2013 027Halloween 2013 032

To Eliminate Camera Shake:

  • Use a TRIPOD and LOW ISO.
  • If you don’t have a Tripod, set the camera on a counter, table top or other solid surface.
    • Use a Cable Release – this is like a remote control button to take the picture.
    • Use the Self-Timer on the camera.
      • Both of these help reduce fuzziness in the image because you aren’t touching the camera when taking a picture.
  • If you are HOLDING the camera, use a HIGH ISO.

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