Take Time to Notice

I always keep my little Canon Power Shot in my purse because you never know when you’ll see something beautiful to photograph. I was on my way to the doctor one day and parked around the corner on the street instead of the parking lot. It was a sunny, warm day and […]

The Importance of Cropping

 Before After

While out for lunch in Santa Monica with my mother, birds kept jumping up on the chairs and tables to eat customers’ leftovers or hoping for free handouts. The patio of the Shutter’s Restaurant has several canopy coverings with light coming through the slits between each canopy. This bird stood […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

While on safari in Africa, I learned how truly magical nature is and that we humans could learn a few valuable lessons from the animals. One day during sightseeing, everyone on the tour was ready to move ahead but me. I asked the driver to stop and wait just a minute. Thankfully […]

The Secret of Happiness

Chicago, IL“To be able to find joy in another’s joy: that is the secret of happiness.”– Georges Bernanos


Santa Monica, CA“No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings.”– William Blake

Mr. Frog — Pluck Your Magic Twanger Froggie!

My cousin and I were out at a park in Cleveland, Ohio with her friend one day and she spotted this frog. We all came over to take his picture, or two. I stayed with Mr. Frog while they went off and photographed other things in the area. 

Mr. Frog was […]

Patience is a Virtue

Getting to the heart of your subject can be challenging when photographing nature. One windy afternoon, I noticed a plant blooming with purple flowers. Each time I took a new picture I had to set up my shot and then wait for the wind to die down. I wanted to see the […]


San Francisco Conservatory “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We All Need a Little Help Sometimes

Generally, I don’t touch my photos. I work outside on most occasions, and don’t have to deal with any unintended reflections or glares. Not this time, however. When I was photographing starfish in the Seattle Aquarium, the light reflected back from the water’s surface leaving a fuzzy reflection. With Photoshop, I eliminated the reflection […]

Stop and Enjoy

Life is fleeting so take the time to stop and enjoy all that it has to offer.  I’m a creature of habit, so it makes sense that I take the same route home from work each day. As with most everyone else, I tune out the scenery and focus on getting home, but one […]