Beautiful Things

Santa Monica, California“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.They must be felt with the heart.”– Helen Keller

Be as Resilient as a Dandelion

I’ve always loved dandelions despite how everyone else feels about them. People always told me that I couldn’t make a dandelion look good because, “It’s just a weed.” So the challenge began by searching and finding the fullest most attractive dandelion and then taking a stunning picture of it. I love how […]

Never Again

Auschwitz, Poland“Never Again.”

Use What You Have

A friend of mine gave me a greenish, yellow rose. I thought the color was unusual and wanted to photograph it. I don’t have a studio, but at the time, I had a treadmill that sat next to my sliding glass window/door. Every afternoon during the summer, the sun came through and […]


Sometimes they’re just waiting for you to take their picture… A staged pose isn’t always necessary in photography. In the spring of 2007, I visited Jerusalem, Israel. Our group was special, in that we were able to go behind the Western Wall to sit and pray. As we were walking around The […]


Kenya, Africa“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.”– Confucius

What Do You See?

A friend of mine bought a print of this yellow orchid because she saw a bird ready to fly. Now, whenever I look at this photograph and its sister photograph cropped more closely, I see that bird about to fly. Recently she told me her grandchildren saw a man in the […]


Kenya, Africa“The power that created you, heals you.”– Anonymous

The View from Above

Mauna Kea, Hawaii“You must scale the mountain if you would view the plain.”– Chinese Proverb


Santa Monica, California“The heart does not label or manipulate, it just allows.”– Stephen Levine