Busy Bee

I always look for pictures while walking. Originally, I was attracted to this large plant all flowering at once. But, as I took pictures, a bee came up and settled on this one flower for the longest time! It was amazing! I stayed with him until he flew away. Thankfully my […]

Thank You Sunshine

This was taken the morning after a rainstorm. Thank you sunshine and my beautiful rose garden!

Debra  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so grateful for the beauty I see around me all the time. This small bed of flowers only takes up a tiny section of my neighbor’s front yard, but here it looks like the world.

I hope you have been enjoying my blog so far. This image is not in my book, […]

Ants Marching

I noticed these pretty pink flowers a couple of times and wanted to photograph them, but hadn’t taken the time until then. The morning light was soft and pretty.

I started taking traditional pictures of the flower when I noticed ants walking along the stem underneath. I already had my setting on macro […]

Perfect Imperfection

Sometimes nature provides you with perfection and all you have to do is capture it. One day as I walked out of the elevator into the courtyard of an office complex, I passed a pink flower in a perfect circle that caught my attention. I had to stop and photograph it! I […]

Magical Nature

  How can a flower grow what looks like another stem through the center of its being? Maybe it’s growing another flower inside of itself. Either way, it’s magic. That was my thought as I was taking this picture. I hadn’t seen this particular flower when I was walking the dog around the neighborhood; […]

Angel Wings

At first, I took a few pictures of the entire flower, but then started playing with the focus and framing. Focusing on other parts of a flower or subject is just as pretty as focusing on the center or the whole flower. It depends on the flower, the light, your angle and […]

A Good Photo Can Stand the Test of Time

On a European tour in 1993, I was lucky enough to see 13 countries in 31 days. It was a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade. This image was taken on a hike in Switzerland with film, so I didn’t know what I had until I got the pictures back. I stopped at this […]

Slow Down, or You Might Miss Something Special

Hearst Castle®/California State Parks  

Earlier on our special photographer’s tour, when the sun was a little higher in the sky, we stopped in a sitting room to take a few photos. The group passed through quickly preferring the view from the terrace. I, however, slowed down to see the shadows on the […]

Imagination at Play

My fascination with macro photography began in 2008. I love the idea of getting really close to my subject to take pictures. Several months ago, I played with the idea of creating an image from something that from far away is recognizable, but from close up becomes unrecognizable such as, a flower. I want […]