Santa Monica, CA Sunset

This used to be my view from my old apartment in Santa Monica, CA. I miss this view, so I thought I’d post it here to I could look at it

Color and Detail

I’m going through my flowers folder and finding pictures I haven’t looked at in a while. This image was taken in Brentwood, CA in October 2008. I love the color combination and detail I was able to capture with my little Canon Power Shot. Foliage and Macro are great features!


Nature’s Magic – With a Little Help from Photoshop

Believe it or not, this is the Pacific Ocean at the Santa Monica Pier, not a swimming pool! That morning the water was so clear, and the light was at just the right angle to make the most beautiful patterns, that it didn’t look real. This was not Hollywood magic, this was nature’s magic.


Hanging Out

This baboon was just hanging out when we drove by in the Jeep on the reserve in Kenya, Africa. 2006.

Moran, The Friendly Rhino

On my trip to Africa, our group was fortunate enough to meet Moran, The Friendly Rhino! He had been raised by people from birth and we were assured that he would not harm us. I was scared, but went up to him and rubbed behind his ear. His skin was so soft and smooth! […]

The One I Didn’t Take

Never turning my back against The Wailing Wall, I walked away. Looking up, I noticed two black birds facing each other on The Western Wall sitting in a crevice of the stone. It would have been a beautiful picture, but I didn’t take it. I honored the Sabbath instead. Others took pictures, but I […]

Lion King

Here is another photo from my trip to Kenya, Africa back in 2006. This trip was life changing for me and inspired me to learn more about photography when I returned home. Look at this majesty! How magnificent! Enjoy!


Follow the Leader

An elephant family in Kenya, Africa, 2006.Exlim 5 megapixel camera

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