Yellow Rose

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.” — John Ruskin […]

Falling Water

Falling Water in Pennsylvania is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s great work in the most beautiful setting, trees and water. The view from inside the home was just as gorgeous as looking at the home from below.

A few years after visiting Falling Water, I was lucky enough to tour his home and […]

Brown County State Park, Bloomington, IN

I was visiting my friend at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in September 1995. She took me to Brown County State Park to hike and explore. I loved the feeling of being in the forest. It was beautiful!  I love trees and being in nature. There is something so magnificent about trees. […]

Muckross House, Ireland

Walking through the Muckross House in Ireland, I stopped to admire the view of the gardens from the second floor. Their window was open to let in the fresh air. Beautiful!

Make sure to take the time to notice your surroundings, especially on a trip when there is always something else to see, taste […]