Twin Lakes Park, PA

My friend brought me to Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg, Pennsylvania to walk and enjoy the scenery. Every turn was more beautiful than the next as we circled the two lakes in the park. The light was perfect, so I took advantage of the quiet moment and snapped this picture. […]

Peace and Quiet

While visiting my husband’s family in Youngstown, NY, we stopped by his aunt’s house along the lake. Next door is this gorgeous tree, a bench to sit above the steps that lead down to the water’s edge, and a ladder for kids to climb another tree. It was so quiet and peaceful; […]

Never Again

Auschwitz, Poland“Never Again.” I’m re-posting this again this year. It may become an annual post so we never forget our past. There is violence and discrimination everywhere all the time for every group of people in the world. We need to remember our history so we don’t repeat it – ever! […]

Skipping Rocks

While driving across the country, my husband and I stopped to visit family in Ohio. My cousin and I went to our favorite hiking grounds at Squaw Rock, OH to take some pictures. A couple of girls were skipping rocks and I was there to capture the moment.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prints available at: