Can’t We All Just Get Along?

While on safari in Africa, I learned how truly magical nature is and that we humans could learn a few valuable lessons from the animals. One day during sightseeing, everyone on the tour was ready to move ahead but me. I asked the driver to stop and wait just a minute. Thankfully he did and the group was patient with me. I stood on the seat and peered out the vehicle’s sunroof at the animals in the waterhole behind us. I quickly snapped the picture. It was so fast, I didn’t even know I had this shot until I got home and developed the film! To my amazement, I not only captured the zebras, I also got the row of birds in the foreground and the row of antelope in the background. This photo taught me to never be afraid to ask for what I need and to look back because there just may be something wonderful to see.

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