Excuses, Excuses…

I sat down at the computer to write my blog about 2 hours ago and am now just getting started to write. I’ve been putting off checking my email for the past several days because it has been so late in the evening when I’ve started to write my blog this week. So, naturally, I had to play “catch up.”

Email is yet another stall tactic. I’m a wonderful procrastinator. I’ve been practicing it for years! I eventually get done what needs to get done, but much later than I had planned. There’s always tomorrow. I love writing To Do lists and feel quite successful when I get to check them off. Lately, I’ve been making my lists quite short so I don’t have as much not checked off at the end of a day.
I will say this, the blog challenge has kept me up to date on the posts because of the accountability factor. I want to post on time. So, here I am writing stream of mind consciousness = my inner dialogue that means nothing to you, but feels good to say/admit – at least to myself.
Today’s excuse for not starting sooner, again, is because of Edison’s Maintenance Power Outage. I even moved my car out of the garage in case I wanted to go anywhere before the power was turned back on. But, I never went anywhere and didn’t get much done. I had planned on filing. I have papers piled all over my desk and can’t see much of it right now. At least I walked my dog. And, I’m here now writing this gibberish.
I don’t have much else to say right now, except that this is supposed to be a blog about photography. I’m feeling like most of my blogs so far are not really showcasing that much about photography. Maybe tomorrow’s blog will be more creative.


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