After my trip to Africa, I never wanted to see a caged animal again. An animal behind protective glass at the zoo would never measure up to seeing them run free in the wild. I made a promise to myself that I would never go to another zoo. Then my 11-year-old cousin asked me to go to the zoo while visiting Ohio. I was reluctant, but after he explained that the animals at this zoo were rescued and could never live in the wild again, I agreed. So off we went to the Akron Zoo with my camera in tow.
In my book there is a lot more to this story… “Never Force a Situation.” 
I just entered this photo, “Freedom,” and others to the 2012 Audubon Magazine Photography Awards. Today was the deadline and I just made it with only a few minutes to spare! It’s scary entering contests. I’ve entered two others this year and got rejected both times. A sign of character is getting up each time you fall, dust yourself off, and keep going until you succeed. I intend to succeed. Wish me luck!

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