It Was All Wrong

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last posting. I have no excuse. My book is almost ready to go to print, so here’s another story and photo from, Moments in Time Captured Forever; You Don’t Need a Good Camera to Take Good Pictures.

I love learning about how other people see my photographs, especially of the macro flowers. I like to crop so close that all you see is color and texture and it is up to the viewer to decide what it is they are seeing.
Before an art fair, I had my photographs made into greeting cards to sell. Unfortunately I did not clearly specify which direction the photograph was to be printed and a few of the macro flowers were printed on their side or even upside down!  It was only the day or two before the event, so there was no time to have the cards reprinted. So, I hung my photos and displayed the cards anyway.
A man came by my booth and saw the burgundy orchid and commented on it. We started a conversation about how the photo was printed upside down from how I intended the image to be viewed. He took a few moments, studied the photo “right side up” and “upside down.” He preferred the image “upside down” because from that perspective he saw a dog’s face with floppy ears and all! The “right side up” wasn’t as compelling for him. Before I met this man, I was upset and angry about the photos being printed “wrong.” But after speaking with him and seeing his perspective, I came to love the image even more. Mistakes make the best pictures, even if I didn’t make it!

Complete story from, Moments in Time Captured Forever; You Don’t Need a Good Camera to Take Good Pictures

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  • I love a neutral backdrop with pops of color. My pop right now is this exact terracotta orange. Although I don't have that crisp white ba..croundg.kI wish I did though, it makes it look so fresh.

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