Magical Nature

How can a flower grow what looks like another stem through the center of its being? Maybe it’s growing another flower inside of itself. Either way, it’s magic. That was my thought as I was taking this picture. I hadn’t seen this particular flower when I was walking the dog around the neighborhood; I just knew I needed to come back with my Canon Power Shot to capture this beautiful garden on camera.
I turned on the macro feature, bent down low to the level of the flowers and started taking pictures. The sun was a bit high still, and I had to work around the shadows I was creating with my body and camera. I wanted to include more daisies in the frame so this one flower with its magical center could look even more special among the others. I took a close up of the flower from another angle, but somehow it didn’t look as magical alone as when it was surrounded by other daisies.

Excerpt from: Moments in Time Captured Forever; You Don’t Need a Good Camera to Take Good Pictures.

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