Mr. Frog — Pluck Your Magic Twanger Froggie!

My cousin and I were out at a park in Cleveland, Ohio with her friend one day and she spotted this frog. We all came over to take his picture, or two. I stayed with Mr. Frog while they went off and photographed other things in the area. 

Mr. Frog was such a great subject. He kept still long enough for me to take a picture or two in one pose then he would move and pause again. He posed completely under the leaf, partially under the leaf, one leg showing through the water, and then both legs showing. It was amazing! It was as if he was a model asking the photographer (me) how to sit for the best shot. Mr. Frog was talking to me; “How’s this? Or this? What about this? I could do this too. Does that help?” “Yes, thank you,” I thought.
I could have stayed in that one spot all day taking pictures with the changing light, but I was with my cousin and her friend and they were ready to go. Before leaving we thanked Mr. Frog for being so cooperative. He has long since forgotten us, but I won’t forget him. I hope he has a good life.

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