My Blessed Home

Hi! My favorite color is GREEN. So, obviously, I love trees and plants and flowers… My favorite flower is the gardenia. My grandmother had a flowering plant in front of her house and she always had one or several gardenias floating in water on the kitchen table. She died 21 years ago this March. When I moved into my house 5 years ago in April, I didn’t know I had a gardenia bush next to my front porch. My mother-in-law came over with a few friends a month or two later that first year and one of them said, “You have a beautiful gardenia bush.” “I do?!?! Where?” She brought me to my front door and just ahead of me before the steps up to the house was my very own gardenia bush! I looked up at the sky and said, “Thank you, Grandma, for blessing our new home!” 🙂