Patience is a Virtue

Getting to the heart of your subject can be challenging when photographing nature. One windy afternoon, I noticed a plant blooming with purple flowers. Each time I took a new picture I had to set up my shot and then wait for the wind to die down. I wanted to see the center of the flower, the stamen, but the wind kept moving my subject so it took several tries to get this one. Many pictures were either out of focus or only a part of the flower that wasn’t very interesting.
I love this picture because you can see through the center like a tunnel. The stamen inside the unopened flower looks like a star lit perfectly by the late afternoon sun. God was smiling for me. Sometimes it pays to be persistent, but it takes a lot of patience and determination. 

I just read a great Macro Tip from National Geographic about planting a stick and securing the stem of a flower to it so it stays more still while photographing. Thank you. I’ll try that next time!  
However, that tip wouldn’t have worked for this plant because the flowers were at eye level and I could not have secured anything to it for stability. But, if you have any suggestions for me on this topic, please let me know! Thanks!

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