Perfect Imperfection

Sometimes nature provides you with perfection and all you have to do is capture it.
One day as I walked out of the elevator into the courtyard of an office complex, I passed a pink flower in a perfect circle that caught my attention. I had to stop and photograph it!
I took out my little Canon Power Shot from my purse and turned on the scene select. I chose “foliage” for plants, and then turned on the macro setting so my subject would be clear up close. I took several shots of the flower whole and inside itself so the entire frame was all pink. I chose this photo because it illustrated the perfect circle. I had never seen this before or since. Creating a photo that is entirely one color is fun, but in this case it didn’t show how amazing nature can be.
Now, looking more closely at this flower, it is not perfect. There is a blemish in one of the pedals. The blemish is in a pedal in the second layer at the bottom of the frame. The darkened cracked line reminds me that nothing and no one is totally perfect, but can still be absolutely stunning! 
It is up to us, the viewer, and photographer, to capture these rare moments and remind others of nature’s fleeting beauty. There are many people who are in their own minds and don’t notice any miracles of nature until someone stops them and points them out. 
I went back to that plant a week or two later and the flowers were all wilted and dying. I was grateful I had seen this “perfect” flower when I did and had captured it in my camera that day. I can revisit this miracle and enjoy it as often as I like, and I like that.

Complete story from, Moments in Time Captured Forever; You Don’t Need a Good Camera to Take Good Pictures.

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