Use What You Have

A friend of mine gave me a greenish, yellow rose. I thought the color was unusual and wanted to photograph it. I don’t have a studio, but at the time, I had a treadmill that sat next to my sliding glass window/door. Every afternoon during the summer, the sun came through and heated my apartment like a greenhouse. I had to close my blinds to keep my room cool. This day, I didn’t close them all the way so I could have some light coming through. The sun peeked through the slits of the blinds and made a natural spotlight for the rose. I put the rose in a bud vase, placed it in the light on the black strap of the treadmill, and took a few pictures. When I saw the pictures in the viewfinder of the camera, I noticed my stuff distracting me from the subject. I don’t have a black backdrop, but I do have a black wool cape hanging in my closet. I draped the cape over my table hiding everything underneath to create a clean backdrop for the rose. Success! No more distractions behind my beautiful subject.

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